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In-Home Night Newborn Nurse in Fayetteville, NC​

The postpartum period can be a rewarding yet challenging time for new mothers. Adjusting to a new routine, caring for a newborn, and recovering from childbirth can all be overwhelming. That's why the Postpartum Network offers valuable support services to ease the transition for new mothers. Our team of experienced registered nurses understands the unique needs and concerns of mothers and their babies during this time, making us the perfect partner in your postpartum journey


Hire an In-Home Newborn Nurse


With our in-home night newborn nurse service, we offer both 8- and 10-hour overnight options. Our compassionate and understanding nurses will prioritize safety, establish effective sleep habits, provide feeding support (whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding), ensure gentle care for your precious newborn, and offer valuable postpartum care and emotional support for up to 12 weeks after birth. We also assist with breast pump/bottle assembly, cleaning, and formula preparation. That’s not all, we have so much more to offer!


Our team is dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable environment for both you and your baby. We understand the importance of privacy, which is why we are HIPAA-compliant. Our goal is to help new mothers feel confident and supported during this critical time in their lives. With the help of our in-home night newborn nurses, you can get the rest and support you need to fully recover and bond with your baby.


Reach out to the Postpartum Network for all of your postpartum needs from Fayetteville to Raleigh, NC. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you during this special time in your life.

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