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Postpartum Essentials Checklist.

The initial weeks after childbirth can present unique challenges for new mothers as they navigate healing, self-care, and the joys of bonding with their newborn. We've curated a postpartum essentials checklist of items that will support you during the early postpartum days.

after giving birth a new mother applys a belly band around her stomach

  1. Heavy flow pads/depends

  2. Disposable underwear or maternity underwear + extras

  3. Peri-bottle for rinsing

  4. Dermoplast or witch hazel pads for soothing discomfort

  5. Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing

  6. Nursing bras

  7. Nursing pads (if breastfeeding)

  8. Lanolin cream for sore nipples (if breastfeeding)

  9. Reusable ice packs or gel pads for pain relief (try pre-made padsicles)

  10. Heating pad for sore muscles

  11. Tylenol/Ibuprofen

  12. Colace or Miralax (over-the-counter)

  13. Prenatal Vitamins

  14. Belly bandit

  15. Nipple shields (if breastfeeding)

  16. Nipple cream or coconut oil (if breastfeeding)

  17. Baby diapers and wipes

  18. Baby clothing and swaddles

  19. Baby bath and grooming supplies

  20. Baby-safe laundry detergent

  21. Infant feeding supplies (bottles, formula, sterilizer, etc., if not breastfeeding)

  22. Baby monitor for peace of mind

  23. Comfortable pillows and cushions for breastfeeding or support

  24. Entertainment and relaxation items (books, magazines, streaming services, etc.)

  25. Healthy snacks

Remember, self-care is paramount during this period, and having the right essentials can make all the difference in your postpartum recovery journey. Happy parenting!


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