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CPR, AED, & First Aid Certification

$94 per participant (group rate available)

2 hours 30 minutes


Empower yourself and your staff with life-saving skills. Book your spot now for CPR, AED, & First Aid Course Certification, and be ready to make a difference when it matters most. Remember, you have the power to save lives.

Expert CPR, AED, & First Aid Training:

·       Registered Nurse and Certified CPR instructor

·       Tailor the course to meet your organization's needs

·       CPR, AED, and First Aid preparedness for emergency scenarios

​·       Unrivaled commitment, expertise, and convenience

Convenient On-Site Instruction:

·       Training at your workplace

·       No commuting or scheduling conflicts

·       Personalized on-site instruction

Empowerment Through Knowledge:

·       Learn life-saving skills in a few hours

·       Gain confidence in CPR, AED, and First Aid

Trusted Expertise For:

·       Community organizations

·       Daycares and schools

·       Caregivers

Licensed and Accredited:

·       Fully licensed and accredited CPR course

·       Latest techniques and guidelines

·       Safety and quality standards upheld

Comprehensive Content:

·       Step-by-step video instructions for choking emergencies

·       Understanding CPR necessity for a confident response

·       Clear guidance and video demos for CPR for all ages

·       Learn to use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

·       First aid assistance in various situations

·       Valid 2-year Red Cross Certification for job requirements

·       Practice skills on high-quality manikins for real-life scenario simulation

·       Handle choking emergencies and perform CPR with ease

** For 5 or more individuals, ask about our company group rate discount.

** Client must be local to our service area (Ft. Liberty - Raleigh, NC)


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