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Infant & Child CPR + Choking For Family & Friends


2 hours


Sixty percent of parents say choking is their number one fear. Stop fearing the worst and empower yourself and your loved ones with life-saving skills.

Expert Instruction for Infant + Child CPR & Choking:

·       Registered Nurse & Certified CPR instructor

·       Learn all about CPR and Choking for infants and children

·       Preparedness for emergency scenarios

Convenient In-Home Instruction:

·       Training at your home

·       No commuting or scheduling conflicts

·       Personalized in-home instruction

Empowerment Through Knowledge:

·       Learn the knowledge and skills to save a child’s life in less than 2 hours

·       High-quality CPR can triple the chance of survival

·       Gain confidence in CPR skills

·       Be prepared for emergencies

Trusted Expertise:

·       Parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends

·       Unrivaled commitment, expertise, and convenience

Licensed and Accredited:

·       Fully licensed and accredited CPR course

·       Latest techniques and guidelines

·       Safety and quality standards upheld

Comprehensive Content:

·       Step-by-step video instructions for choking emergencies

·       Understand when CPR is necessary for a quick and confident response

·       Clear guidance and video demos for CPR on infants and children

·       Practice skills on high-quality infant and child manikins for real-life scenario simulation

·       Learn how to use an AED if one is available

Customized Family + Friends Training:

·       Enroll up to 6 participants

·       Include grandparents, nanny, and friends caring for your child

Book your spot now to learn Infant + Child CPR & Choking and be ready to make a difference when it matters most in your child’s life.

**Note certification is not provided with this course, this is an information-only course.

**Client must be local to our service area (Ft. Liberty- Raleigh, NC).


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