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Newborn Care RN Line (Virtual)


30 minutes


Navigating the world of parenthood, especially as you prepare for the arrival of your newborn, can be both exciting and overwhelming. We understand the questions and uncertainties that come with this journey to parenthood. 


​Virtual 30-Minute Session:

·       Connect for a dedicated session with a registered nurse in a convenient half-hour call

·       Get answers to your top three newborn questions

·       We'll guide you on sleep, feeding, soothing, bath, safety, cord, and circumcision care

·       We do not give medical advice, please contact your pediatrician for any medical concerns

Evidence-Based Research and Guidance:

·       Stay informed with the latest evidence-based research

·       Trusted guidance backed by the latest insights

Personalized Guidance for New Parents:

·       From packing hospital bag tips to newborn care questions

·       Tailored advice to match your unique needs

·       Get expert insights to feel confident and prepared, ease your worries

Use the contact form to schedule a call with us today!

*Clients can be located anywhere in the U.S.; all communication is based on Eastern Standard Time.

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