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Newborn Essentials Course


2 hours


Our exclusive in-home Newborn Essentials Course is designed to empower and prepare first-time parents. This course provides the knowledge on what to expect, while also easing anxiety and fostering a deep sense of preparedness.

·       Our coverage of various topics is designed to address all concerns of new parents

·       Focus on safe sleep practices for a peaceful rest for your baby

·       Insights into postpartum care and nutrition for your recovery and well-being

·       Mastering swaddling and soothing techniques for bonding and comfort

·       Expert guidance on feeding, diapering, and bathing routines

·       In-depth understanding of circumcision and umbilical cord care

·       Establishing a blissful night routine for restful sleep

·       Valuable advice on packing your hospital bag

·       Complete guidance on baby equipment, from car seats to breast pumps

·       We will teach you practical skills for confident and capable parenting

Our Newborn Essentials Course offers the knowledge and skills you need for a smooth transition into parenthood. Don't miss out on this opportunity – take the first step towards becoming the best parents for your little one!

**Client must be local to our service area (Ft. Liberty- Raleigh, NC).


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